Original XY-L10A NC Charging Module Battery Charger Control Module 10A DC 6-60 V Control Load Overload Switch


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  • Product model:XY-L10A
  • Control voltage:DC6-60V
  • Control current:≤10A
  • Control accuracy:0.1V
  • Type of output:Direct output
  • Voltage error:±0.1V
  • Scope of application:Various battery lithium batteries
  • Size:79*42mm

Module features:

  • Support battery acid battery and take action. Voltage range :6 v ~ 60 v;
  • It can display voltage, % of the battery, simultaneously through the LCD load time;
  • Very powerful, performs automatic load control,
  • The load time can be controlled, and the corresponding parameters can be configured and loaded through the serial port.

Functional description:

  • Automatic load control function:
  • When the battery voltage is below volt-li: "DNH", the relay belt, the charger begins to charge; When the battery voltage is vt-oi: "up", the relay is connected and automatic recovery is completed.
  • Load time control function:
  • How to activate the time control function?
  • After entering the definition parameter, the parameter op is defined as non-zero, and then the time control function is connected. The standard parameter is:… -h, the mode is not connected to the time control function;
  • After turning on the time control function (oppa non-zero), when the battery voltage is less than the voltage, the charger starts charging and the system starts timing. Request_unk, if the time is up, the battery voltage is still the lowest voltage, the relay keeps the drive, automatically turns off the load time control function, and blinks H: remind the user that the time to adjust the parameters is unreasonable; Press any key to stop flashing;
  • Note: time format :00:59(59 minutes per hour), Max: 99:59,100 hours.

Parameter adjustment:

  • press and hold the connection key to enter the configuration interface;
  • change the parameters you wish to define in a short time;
  • after selecting the parameter, it can be defined as supporting short media in a short time (rapidly increasing or decreasing); Repeat step b (c) to define the other parameters;
  • after all parameters are defined, press and hold shift key and save;

Job description:

  • Some time before the interface (main interface):
  • A short joint media button to display the current set of parameters; Press the button to display the percentage of goods and loading time in proportion.
  • Press the button briefly and select the switch to open/close. If the relay can be closed, it will display "off" as a reminder.
  • Long button, low power status switch
  • No: no operation in 10 minutes
  • The backlight is always bright
  • Press the button and enter the parameter Settings.
  • Calculation of voltage percentage= percentage of battery voltage /(volt-volt-li)

Additional features:

    Cargo recording function: time not turned on controls the cargo, the product will record a time, when the time display interface, the cargo of intermission time, the time display interface, and then go out and drive the cargo (relay) empty Automatic detection parameters: when the parameters are defined, the output will be displayed. If the voltage of the volt LI Dn rises, the system will display the flash "ERR" as a reminder;

    Detection of battery access: this battery-related product, if it is not connected to the battery, will be displayed at downlink "NbE" as a reminder

Package Included:

  • 1xBattery charger control module

No Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

Note:Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. Please check before you offer. The images may not reflect the actual color of the project due to differences between the displays.

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.