Original Male Penis Vacuum Pump Extender Stretcher Hanger Vacuum Cup Bell Handle Train Enlargement Set


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  • Better protection for penis and glans because the material touch the penis is soft high stretchable sleeve,no hard others.
  • Two usage ways:one is stretching penis at the waist, another is stretching the penis on the leg.
  • It is almost invisible when you use it at the waist,so it can be used at work or in driving.
  • Vacuum cup can be used as a couple tool for stimulation.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: S,M,L

How to training the penis:

  • 1,The training time is different for the people as ,you should find the time that you insist on you feel well.
  • 2,For most people, should train the penis for 10-20 minutes one time,2-3 times one day is better
  • 3,Normally,the penis can be extended 1 inches to 2.5 inches after 2-5 months ringt physical exercise
  • 4,Don't force yourself,please stop it if you feel pain and not comfortable
  • 5,Please see the doctor if there is serious condition for the penis


  • select LARGE size when the penis is more than 36mm(1.42"),
  • select MEDIUM size when penis is less than 36mm(1.42") and more than 25mm(1”),
  • select Small size when penis is less than 25mm(1"),the sleeve maybe need to be cut the tip when you use it.

How to use this extender system –EASY?

  • 1,Place the glans cap over your penis.
  • 2,Roll the sleeve up over the bell.
  • 3,Place your penis inside the bell.
  • 4,Roll the sleeve down over penis.
  • 5,Place
    the vacuum handle on the end of the bell and use vacuum handle to draw
    blood into glans and comfortably increase suction inside the bell. Once
    suction is at desired level, remove the vacuum handle from the bell (is
    you intend to wear the device throughout the day, keep the hand pump
    with you in order to recreate suction if you have to take the device
  • 6,Put the fabric belt on your shins below the knee or
    around waist (refer to the pictures). Connect the stretcher to the
    fabric belt and adjust the connector's length to your preferred tension.
  • 7,Wear
    loose fitting pants over the device and go about your day, checking on
    your penis from time to time during the day to make sure you have good
    circulation. In order to take off this device simply pull sleeve up over
    the bell.
Packing Include:
  • 1 * Sleeve Vacuum Cup

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.